Friday, May 21, 2010

Party Favor Friday: That's the Stuff!

When you think of party favors for a child's birthday, you might immediately think of small toys or candy to give to your guests but have you ever considered something a little more "stuffy"? Rita Aceves is the creator of Beary Cute Stuffables, a mom-owned company that allows children to build their own stuffed animal. I recently interviewed Rita to get all the good "stuff" about her business.

What are the advantages of including a stuffing activity with a child's birthday celebration?
One of the advantages
is saving money on goody bags. We all know that we spend quite of bit of money on filling those as our thank you for our party guests. Unfortunately, most of these "goodies" end up in the trash or lost at the bottom of a toy box (if not in the car on the way home from the party!). When you schedule a Beary Cute Party, every child will leave with a fun, hands-on activity and a great memorable gift that they helped create.

Our Stuffables are a 3-in-1 solution:

1. The party activity
2. Thank you gift
3. Memorable keepsake

Another advantage is
you can offer our stuffing activity in the comfort of your home. If you are local to the Austin area, we're available to host your Beary Cute Party. If you're not local to the Austin area, we also ship our kits nationwide!

You carry a wide range of stuffables and outfits. Is it possible to tailor a Beary Cute Party to fit a certain theme and even a certain budget?
Many parents appreciate our variety of stuffables and outfits at their parties. At the same time, they are welcome to request a certain theme. We have hosted cowboy-theme parties with barnyard animals such as cows, pigs, and horses -- including cowboy and cowgirl outfits! Our party packages begin at only $8 per child, which we feel is very affordable, especially when you consider that this is the cost for the party activity and thank you gift for every child. At parties, we ensure to only make available the party package you request.

How easy is it for a parent or party planner to set up a Beary Cute Party and how far in advance should they plan it?
It's as simple as giving us a call or sending us an email! When you offer us your tentative party date and time, we will inform you of our availability. We will send you (or you can download on our website) our reservation form for you to return to us and directions to place your deposit -- and you will be scheduled! Depending on our availability, we have had parents schedule Beary Cute Parties days before their party. At the same time, we have also had parents schedule their Beary Cute Parties a year or more in advance.

Just for fun, how many stuffing parties would you say your business hosts in one year?
In 2009, we hosted over 35 Beary Cute Parties and delivered/shipped over 20 DIY Beary Cute Parties. In 2010, we have already hosted about 20 Beary Cute Parties.

As a mother, business owner, and fitness instructor I imagine your schedule is full like a lot of us moms. What's the most helpful tip you can offer when it comes to planning a birthday party for your child?
My most helpful tip is to focus on the reason for the celebration -- a birthday. Keeping it simple and focusing on your child's favorite activity is the key for my children's birthday parties. As a mother, it is very tempting for me to want to make large purchases when preparing for my child's upcoming party; yet, some of the best parties I have attended have been small, close-knit parties with best buddies, neighborhood friends, and family. Simple, fun parties are the best!

For more information on Beary Cute Stuffables, please visit their website at


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