Friday, December 4, 2009

10 Ways to Use Your Holiday FavorCake

In addition to using your FavorCake as a fabulous centerpiece and party favors for your Holiday guests we have 9 other uses in mind.

1. Bring a FavorCake filled with goodies to this year's office party

2. Show your Doctor or Pediatrician how much you appreciate them and their staff with a FavorCake

3. Use our round FavorCakes to send your true love 12 gifts during the 12 days of Christmas

4. Fill your FavorCake with your favorite Holiday scented potpourri or candles to make an aromatic centerpiece

5. Send a FavorCake along with the kiddos for their school parties

6. Own your own business? Our FavorCake boxes are ideal for putting samples and business cards in for home parties and demos.

7. Don't forget to bring a FavorCake to that last club meeting of the year.

8. Add a FavorCake to a care package for someone who can't come home for the Holidays

9. Play sports? Share a festive FavorCake with your fellow teammates.

If you don't have time to fill your Holiday FavorCake we can add select wrapped chocolates, hard candy, or mints at no additional charge. Happy Holidays!


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