Monday, May 3, 2010

Reading, Writing, and Appreciation

Today kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week. I don't think anyone would argue that everyday should be Teacher Appreciation Day but I'm glad we have a week where everyone can join in unison and do something extra special for our teachers.

I was honored to be asked to create two FavorCakes for the teachers at Scottville Elementary in Michigan. I can't wait to hear how their celebration goes and will post an update on the blog.

In the meantime, here are some clever and tasty ideas from to say thank you.
  • "You are out of this world" tag attached to a Milky Way or Mars candy bar
  • "You deserve an extra payday!" tag attached to a Payday candy bar
  • "There is no 'sub'stitute for you!" tag attached to a gift card for the local sub shop
  • "You are 'extra' special" tag with a pack of Extra Gum
  • "We appreciate the 'mounds' of work you do!" tag attached to a Mounds candy bar
  • "Thanks a 'latte'!" tag with a gift card from local coffee shop, special coffees or travel mug
  • "You are 'souper'! - soup mix, custom decorated soup bowls or homemade soup
  • "You are a 'treasure' tag with Treasures candy
  • "You are the apple of our eye" with a basket of apples (construction paper leaves with nice sayings---A+ teacher, you're special etc. can be hot glued to the stems)
  • "You are 'tea'rrific!" tag with a selection of teas
  • "You deserve a 'break' today! Thanks for your hard work" tag with a Fast-Break candy bar or McDonald's gift certificates
  • "You are a smart cookie" tag with homemade cookies
  • "Thanks for a 'picture' perfect year" tag with movie coupons or nice picture frame
  • "You are o'fish'ally the best!" tag attached to Goldfish Crackers
  • "We are fortunate to have you!" tag with a Chinese take out box filled with fortune cookies
  • "You are a joy!" tag attached to an Almond Joy candy bar
  • "You rock!" tag with pop rocks, rock candy, Rock Star soft drink or painted rock for a paperweight
  • "We are 'nuts' about you!" tag attached to some nuts
  • "You are worth more than a 100 grand to Blake!" tag attached to a 100 Grand candy bar
  • "You 'mint' so much to us this year" tag attached to some mints
  • "You were 'mint' to be a teacher!" tag attached to some mints
  • "You are an 'amazing' teacher" tag attached to an Amazing candy bar

For more Teacher Appreciation gift ideas, visit


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